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  • Maintenance and Cleaning

    Stains on the fabric can be rinsed with low temperature water at about 37°, combined with a neutral soap solution, and brushed lightly with a brush.
    After rinsing the stain, simply let it air dry.
    Do not wring dry to avoid deformation of the fabric.
    Do not iron to avoid discoloration due to high temperature.

  • Limited Warranty

    Our fabrics guarantee 5-year limited warranty for upholstery fabrics and 10-year limited warranty for awning fabrics. Warranty coverage includes fading or loss of color in fabrics due to degradation of fiber properties under normal circumstances.

  • Customized Order

    We have the ability to provide customized services for manufacturers or designers. Please contact us for more details.

  • 澳丝布


  • Acrylic Fabric/Outdoor Material

    Acrylic Fabric/Outdoor Material
    For outdoor fabrics and solution-dyed acrylic upholstery material, Sunseashell fabric is your wholesale, warehouse-direct source!
    Why choose solution-dyed material for outdoor projects like awnings, boat covers, cushions and patio furniture? Ah, glad you asked!

    Color Fastness: The color isn't applied to the surface, it's is actually part of the fibers. During manufacturing the acrylic fiber is dyed while it is still in a viscous form—the color is locked in before the fiber even becomes a solid. Unlike other outdoor fabric choices, the color isn't going to wear off and UV stabilizers are added to help prevent fading. In direct sun nothing lasts forever, but if you want the color to last this is the way to go. Our acrylic fabrics are available in beautiful solid colors and bold, attractive stripes.

    Rough and Tough—without the rough: It's acrylic, so it's durable and long lasting. Yet our AquaDuck® is remarkably supple. It's got a very nice '


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