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    Solution dyed fiber v.s Piece dyed fiber

    Saves energy
    In simple terms, solution-dyeing is a technique that reduces the use of water and chemicals when dyeing fabrics compared to traditional wet processes. The solution-dye process involves mixing the colour pigments in with raw or recycled polyester, before they are made into filaments. By dyeing the fibres without water, there is a reduction in chemical waste, energy usage and bi-products such as CO2.

    Solution dying is a technique used to colour synthetic textiles such as acrylic, nylon and polyester. The solution dye process differs from traditional fibre or piece dyeing since it involves one less process step. In the solution dye process, pigments are added to the liquid polymer solution before synthetic fibres are extruded. Compared to traditional fibre dyeing – where colour is applied in a second process step; after fibres have been extruded. The solution process saves approximately 80% water, 20-30% dyestuff, 80% other che

  • About Solution Dyed

    (Dope Dyed)
    Solution dyed (dope dyed) is a spinning process, mixes the color master batch into the raw material melting together to make into the fiber with homogeneous color. It is an environmentally friendly process that eliminates the need for dyeing after weaving, reducing energy use, contaminated wastewater, and carbon dioxide emissions. Since the color master batch is added to the raw material for fiber, the whole fiber is fully dyed from the core to the surface, and it is with advantages of better color fastness to sunlight, color fastness to washing, etc.

  • What Is Solution-Dyed Acrylic Fabric?

    Acrylic fabric is a strong, durable material woven from synthetic acrylic fiber. The fiber is made by creating a synthetic polymer called polyacrylonitrile, which is then spun into a long, solid acrylic fiber.

    Solution dyeing is a specialized method of dyeing synthetic fabrics that adds the color at the beginning of the manufacturing process. Instead of making a colorless material and soaking it in the dye, color pigments are added to the liquid acrylic material before it is spun into a richly colored fiber. This means the color is a built-in part of solution-dyed fabrics.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Solution-Dyed Acrylic

    Not all fabrics are created equal, and solution-dyed acrylic is a top performer for all kinds of uses. Not convinced? Here’s why it’s such an effective choice for outdoor applications and much more.

  • Solution dyed acrylic fabric

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